[dropcap] M [/dropcap] Thanks to the technique «teeth in a day» it is possible to rehabilitate function and aesthetics in just a few hours avoiding the patient months of discomfort. On the same day, the affected teeth are removed, the implants are fixed and a NON-PALATE FIXED PROTESIS is placed that allows the patient to make a normal life. After 3-4 months and once the healing of the gum has been completed, the initial prosthesis is replaced by a definitive prosthesis that adapts intimately to the patient’s gum.


Implantology has evolved a lot in recent years, today we use immediate load implants that are designed to obtain a very high initial stability allowing the placement of the prosthesis on the same day. The procedure «teeth in a day» is an absolutely reliable technique that offers a success rate close to 99%.

What are the advantages of «teeth in a day» compared to other techniques?

We save the patient months of waiting with uncomfortable removable prosthesis, from the first day the patient carries a fixed prosthesis with which he can chew, relate normally and look good. Another advantage is that in 90% of cases we do not need bone grafts or breast elevations and that we only need 4 implants per arch. These differences mean that the cost to the patient is lower and that the surgery is lighter and less aggressive.

Why do not you wear the final prosthesis the first day?

After the surgery changes in the gum morphology, these changes stabilize after the second month. If we put the final prosthesis on the same day we would have to modify it later so that it would be well adjusted to the gum. The perfect solution is to have 2 prostheses, an initial that the patient will take between 2 and 4 months and a final that is placed once the gum has reached its final position.

Is the intervention painful?

Not at all, it is carried out under LOCAL ANESTHESIA (the same as for a filling) and the patient does not notice any discomfort during the intervention. The postoperative period is usually very good, with swelling and edema in the area but without pain. The vast majority of our patients live absolutely normal after the intervention.

Has the dentist always scared me, can it be done under general anesthesia?

It is a much safer technique than general anesthesia and allows the patient to intervene while sleeping. The patient spends the intervention sleeping and upon waking up everything is over.

For whom would the «teeth in a day» technique be indicated?

Fundamentally patients who have lost all their teeth or who have some but in very poor condition.

How much would a treatment for my mouth cost?

In Dentistry and Medicine in general it is impossible to give a budget without analyzing all the variables present in each patient. Each case is unique and the patient must not only know the cost that a treatment can have but also the particularities of his case. The best way to get information is to requestan appointment at Clínica Eividental, where a panoramic x-ray of the mouth will be made and all possible alternatives will be explained. All at no cost to the patient.




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